Monday, 24 May 2021


Can you see it, there on my desk? There it is - my academic essay (=B-uppsats) in Art History! It's finally done, I submitted it today! Celebraaaaaaations!

I actually have more time to work on it as we just got a one week extension (today!), but I decided to submit it anyway, because I was done. I have proofread it, over and over again; my friend Frida, my friend Erika - and also Carin in Rome of course, who is doing this same course and also writing her thesis at the moment - all have read it too; and I felt done.
In the end I just kept moving commas and full stops, changing paragraphs and adding, exchanging and removing words; so I thought - I better submit!

At this level there is also a public examination and discussion and that will take place in two weeks time, where I need to "defend" my essay; and also read a fellow student's essay and discuss that. So I'm not quite, quite done with Uni for the term just yet..!
Still, this step is worth celebrating - essay: done!

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