Saturday, 8 May 2021

2 - 8 May 2021

Sunday and I didn't get to the padel court today as our friends were coming with their movers to pick up all the stuff of ours they had bought. Felt good to now get it out of the house, and get an even better overview of our new space.
I tried to get some work done on my essay, but too much other things going on breaking my focus. Like school pick-up, getting groceries, making dinner and so on. We had jacket potatoes with tuna and Greek salad, and after dinner I gave up on any more studies for today and attacked the laundry pile instead. Fun and games.

Monday and finally time for padel after a whole week off! A good hour with pleasant temperatures and great games today. Then I finally made some progress on the thesis, even though it feels like I erase more than I write at the moment.
Pasta bake with chicken for dinner, and then Linnea and I went back to IKEA, again. Even with a mask on, the guy at the pick-up area recognized me today and greeted me with "You're back!", ha ha! Unfortunately they didn't have Linnea's mirror in stock, so we will have to come back soon again...
Linnea spent the rest of the night mounting her new bookshelf, and Nathan and I watched some TV.

Tuesday but it feels like it's Thursday. Is this how it feels when you have a busy schedule ?! Ah, a taste of the real life! Exercise in the morning and then the last of the Uni-seminar for my non-Western Art-course. I also managed to work on the thesis in the afternoon as Nathan cooked dinner, we had Shepherds Pie tonight. The rug for the dining area came back from the Carpet Spa, and it's all starting to all  together.

Wednesday and I had padel again. Then straight home because the handymen were coming back to help me put everything back on the walls. It took them almost four whole hours, imagine how long it would've taken Nathan, and with a lot more bitching too, ha ha! Pork loin, potatoes and bearnaise sauce for dinner.

Thursday and a very long day. Normally I don't get out of bed if I can't sleep, I just turn around and keep trying, but this morning I got so hot I decided to get up - at 04.30! Kind of enjoyed those few quiet hours to myself though, with the sun rising, birds chirping and a few cups of coffee. Not that I'll make a habit out of it...
Hot, hot padel with the Argentinians, and then straight home to await the delivery of the second sofa. It arrived late afternoon, and I managed to get Nathan and Lucas to move the sofas in three different places before we settled on the best placing, for now! It looks really good! Swedish sausage stroganoff and rice for dinner, and then we watched the movie 'Stowaway', which didn't live up to expectations unfortunately.

Friday and a quiet day. Nathan at work and the kids "chilling" and I'm left to pot around by myself, again. Decided to clear out inside a few cupboards and drawers, and spent most of the afternoon on the sofa, enjoying our refreshed space. Pizza for dinner with a few glasses of wine, once Nathan got home from work.

Saturday and I set the alarm to have time for exercise before going to the hairdresser. Not cut today, just fresh highlights. A quick Zoom with Anna & Linda in the afternoon, and then back to studying. Always good to get stuff done while Nathan is at work so the house is quiet.
Spicy kabanoss-all-in-one pot and rice for dinner and then we finally got around to play another chapter of 'My City'.

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