Saturday, 22 May 2021

16 - 22 May 2021

Sunday started bright and early, as we are back to normal school hours for the last six weeks of the term. Or kind of, it starts 20 minutes later than it used to, so we have already revised our alarm time for tomorrow as today we were up way too early.
I exercised and then went to the shop, and then worked on my thesis. Digging my heels in now for the home stretch! Game Night and Butter Chicken, Palak Paner and Coconut, Coriander & Carrot salad for dinner. Sooo good!

Monday and Nathan took Lucas to get a vaccine (not Covid, that's already done), scheduled through school. I took Linnea to school and went to padel. Not too bad today, every day we can keep sporting outside is a bonus. Some more work on the thesis this afternoon, so close now!
Some aglio olio e peperoncino spaghetti (and sausages) for dinner, before Nathan went over to Yas to catch up with some ex-Brunei people who are in town, and I planted myself in front of the TV.

Tuesday and a long session on the treadmill this morning, working on the May challenge. Then I finished off they last assignment for my non-Western art Uni-course, about Traditional Aboriginal Art. I have so enjoyed this course! If only now I can get back to working... Nathan and I joined efforts and made fish pie for dinner, and then we spent the evening in front of the TV.

Wednesday and padel, of course! Lotta challenged us to continue until we leave for the summer... let's see how that goes! Today was ok, the little breeze made all the difference. Some studying until it was time to pick up the kids, and then Nathan and I went to ACE and Yas Mall to get a few bits and pieces, groceries - and sushi & shawarmas for dinner before Nathan took the kids for their school PCR.

Thursday and this week has gone past really fast! Treadmill this morning, other than that it has been a really quiet day. Nathan had a haircut and I did some sorting out inside the office cabinets, and some ironing for a change. Pizza for dinner, because weekend.

Friday and coffee in bed, best way to start the weekend. Summer is really here now, you can feel it when you come downstairs in the mornings and the house is already so warm and humid that you need the AC on straight away. A pretty quiet day all around in the Watson household today. Salmon for dinner.

Saturday and Nathan off to work after his week of leave. Linnea and I took on Galleria Mall for something different, and came home to the annoying news that the entire school is moving to e-learning next week. Aaargggh! Many schools seems to suffer the same fate, I guess it's the after-Eid-effect..? Hmmm...
Chili con carne for dinner and sad moods all around.

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