Sunday, 30 May 2021

23 - 30 May 2021

Sunday and we are back to e-learning. Silver lining is no school run, or lunch boxes... but everyone would rather be at school, even Linnea this time around.
I had padel this morning, another really fun session, although very hot. 'Hot padel' - maybe that's a new thing, like hot yoga? Ha ha! We have been the only ones playing in the mornings for well over a month already.

Had some appointments at Mediclinic after training, and after those were done and lunch was eaten I had a quiet afternoon as the pressure is off with my Uni-work, at least for this week. Nathan cooked steak and baked potato for dinner.

Monday, Nathan went to work, and I had no plans. Once training was done I decided to submit my thesis (academic essay? not sure what the right translation is), as I was done. Felt good, but also, what do I do now with all my time?!
Pulled pork for dinner and lonesome time in front of the TV for me as everybody else disappeared upstairs. Just a whole day of loneliness really. Booo.

Tuesday and still no plans. Actually, apart from my exercise, I spent all day in bed. Yup, one of those staring-into-the-wall-kind of days. I guess they will be coming more often now we are back to indoor living for the summer. Nathan cooked some kind of pyttipanna with chicken and potato for dinner.

Wednesday and started with padel. Always makes for a better day. I spent the afternoon at the mall, getting a reading lamp for the sofa corner, and another one for Linnea's room, having a coffee with me, myself and I; and doing the groceries. Then came home and cooked Beef Stroganoff for dinner, mmm.

Thursday and treadmill time in the morning while Nathan was out riding his bike. Then off to lunch with the SL group, at a Pakistani restaurant in the city. Super yummy (and cheap!) lunch, and nice conversation!
In the afternoon I was Taxi Mum for Linnea, going to do some school work with some of her friends, and in the evening the kids had pizza at home while Nathan and I met with Stefan for some Maifest German dinner at the Westin.

Friday and started dinner preparations straight after the morning coffee, slow cooked lamb shanks, mmm! After a huge session on the treadmill and an afternoon nap it was almost evening time and we enjoyed our lamb with some mashed potato and the 'Friends Reunion' episode.

Saturday and Nathan was up early again for a bike ride. Treadmill for me, and then we went to do the PCRs for school, again. We decided to have lunch in Al Bandar, as we were already out and about all of us. The plan was to got to the Thai restaurant there, but as it was full we ended up at the Art House Café which was also nice. Linnea and I went to Yas Mall on a mission to find her some jeans and check out the newly opened Urban Outfitters shop; and we also met with Petra for a quick fika. It took a few hours, but mission accomplished, got three pairs of denim on the half price sale for Linnea! Take-away burgers for dinner while we took another stroll down Memory Lane and watched the 'Friday Night Dinner' 10 year-special.

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