Monday, 10 May 2021

Iftar on Yas

Yesterday it was time for this years iftar, I try to go to at least once every Ramadan. Some have been more spectacular than others, but they are always very nice. Last night was no exception.
It was arranged for the members, and partners, of Swedish Ladies UAE at the Garage restaurant at W Hotel at Yas (what used to be Viceroy). 


I had heard it was really good, so I was excited - plus getting to dress up and hang with PEOPLE in these times, is of course a great plus to any day.


There was quite a big group of us, all seated four on each table of course and I got to sit with three other girls who had come without their spouses (Nathan was flying). It was nice to talk to someone I don't see every day.

It was a lovely set up, and the food was tasty. The highlight for me was strangely the desserts this time! They came around to the tables both with luqaimat (traditional local dessert, a bit like a sweet dumpling), but also with an affogato made with Arabic coffee. The cardamom taste with the cold ice cream was delicious! I also had saffron ice cream, which tasted just like Christmas, mmm!

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