Sunday, 25 April 2021

18 - 24 April 2021

Sunday and the week didn't quite start as upbeat as I had hoped. There was a slight miscommunication amongst my padel combatants so we ended up being just two, instead of four. Here we have no single courts, but we played anyway on half court, since we were there. Gives us practice in placing the ball but is not near as fun. Got my workout done though!
In the afternoon I was more productive today than the whole weekend combined - I had a Zoom with my friend Erika and got some valuable input (and pep talk) for the thesis, went to the supermarket, picked the kids up and went to get their PCR (for school, every 10th day). Home to work a bit on another assignment for the Non-European Art-course, then to the mall so that Lucas could get a haircut in preparation for the school photos on Wednesday; and finally dinner and a super-quick shop-up at IKEA. (Mostly for Cheese Doodles to be honest..!)

Monday and another hot game of padel this morning. I wonder how many more weeks we will be able to keep playing outside? Nathan off to work in the afternoon and the kids and I spent the afternoon doing each our school work. Prawn pasta for dinner.

Tuesday and slept like mush as our AC unit packed up and we only had the fan. After a LOT of coffee, I managed to have quite a productive day anyway, after of course taking the kids to school and doing my exercise. I held a presentation about Ai Wei Wei in a Zoom in this weeks Uni-seminar about Chinese art and submitted two assignments to the same course. Also managed to do some work on my thesis, inspiration and ideas really comes and goes in waves for that, and today was a good day. Alo Gobi and rice for dinner.

Wednesday and started the day with padel. Then Nathan and I went to have a look at the newly opened Jysk shop at Yas Mall. Such a great addition to the mall!

Their café is really nice, and we found a lot of lovely things in the shop too. All of a sudden... we had sold or old sofa and TV (!) and decided to revamp our WHOLE downstairs area! Oups!
Chicken curry and rice for dinner while I spent the rest of the evening in front of a room planner tool on the computer..!

Thursday and started the day with padel. So hot, 33 degrees, made me feel a bit funny for the rest of the day. I guess I got dehydrated. Lunch with Petra and a quiet end-of-the-week afternoon.
When Nathan got home we started shifting furniture around to get an idea of our new look for downstairs, it was hard to just visualize. Pizza for dinner - TGIT after all!

Friday and woke up to this... ha ha ha. Yup, that escalated quickly!

Nathan was at work and the rest of us did what we normally do on a Friday = not much. I kept clearing up downstairs, and tried to get some quotes for painting, but - Friday.
Once Nathan got back from work we decided to go look for our new TV at Al Wahda Mall and had dinner there too. Lucas was keen on TGIF, but it turned out to be a bad idea, none of us liked the food, such a bummer.

Saturday and another week done and dusted. Read back a bit through the blog and read a post from the 21 April last year, which sadly sounded a LOT like the one I posted the other day about idling (coincidentally also on the 21 April, spooky!). So sad to realise that not much have changed in a year.
I read an article this week from the NY Times, which was SPOT ON how I am feeling, check it out. I'm certainly not alone with these feelings.

In the afternoon we met up for an impromptu early dinner at the Brauhaus in town, next to where the Browns are currently staying until they get their apartment. Ha ha, it looks like we are back in the jungle in Brunei in this photo - but it's just a bit of Brunei in Abu Dhabi.

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