Monday, 17 May 2021

Staycation at Etihad Towers

To finish off the long weekend we had for Eid, and because Nathan and the kids were actually off at the same time, we went for a short staycation this weekend with our friends the Nordins. We decided to try out the Conrad Hotel at Etihad Towers in town, and got rooms on the 40th floor.

This elevator was not for my Mum... ha ha!


I have been up many times to the Observation Deck (on the 74th floor) but never stayed in the hotel, so it was pretty exciting. The views are fabulous of course - even if the windows were a bit dusty..! Have a look at this bathroom with a view, and cute details:

We checked in early and spent the Friday afternoon on the beach. Lucas finally got to go on a jet ski for the first time (but had to have Nathan as a passenger), and the rest of us just enjoyed the pool, the sea and the chillaxing.

In the evening we had dinner at the Italian restaurant before we dropped the kids back in the rooms and went up to Rays Bar for a night cap.

Breakfast by the pool the next day, and another few hours of swimming and sunning. The kids went banana boating and we just relaxed and enjoyed. 




We finished off the afternoon by having a look at the Observation Deck (since access was included in our stay). We were only gone about 1,5 day, but you really have time for a lot of fun when you go for it!

Thanks guys for great company and excellent fun!!! When are we going again??

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