Sunday, 26 February 2017

Rain rain... please do stay..!

UAE is a divided country at the moment - all over the weather!
It's been raining, for what seems like weeks, and I can see on my FB feed and on Instagram that some seems to have had enough of the grey skies by now. Many others (me included!) just LOVE it and can't get enough!
I love, love, LOVE these cooler temperatures, the grey skies, the unusual rain, the puddles and the fact that I get to snuggle up in knitted cardigans, warm socks and drink hot chocolate..!

Actually it has been rather rotten and grey weather most of the time while Grandma and Granddad have been here, but it hasn't bothered us too much. Fortunately they are not really here for a beach holiday!
Although we had a bit of a wet visit to the Grand Mosque today... so we had to skip visiting Wahat Al Karama as it wouldn't have been much fun in the rain. We are hoping for a dry day tomorrow so we can squeeze that in too before they leave. Here's a small clip from the mosque:

We even had to use the car window wipers on the full speed setting today:

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