Friday, 10 February 2017

Small joys

I wish I was one of those organized Mums that make a weekly menu plan and only have to do one big grocery shop once a week. I'm not. Actually I don't even have a fixed routine of where I get my groceries, it's different every time.
Usually it depends on what else I am doing. When I've been to IKEA or at the mall I get the groceries from Géant. Sometimes if I have to do an extra big shop, I try to go to Carrefour as I find they are the cheapest, and have the biggest selection.

Otherwise I tend to pick up bread, milk and fresh meat when I'm out and about. It could be at Spinneys in Al Bandar (while Linnea had her piano lessons, or after I'd been to lunch with Pia), at Waitrose in Al Zeina (after a hair appointment or while Nathan is at the bike shop there), at Lulus at Raha Mall (if I'm going to the party shop or the uniform shop for something) but mostly - I shop at our closest supermarket Souq Planet at Etihad Plaza, which while it is practical, really isn't cheap.

The other day at a coffee morning one of the girls told me that she orders all her groceries online. I had looked into that a while ago already, but decided it wasn't really worth while since there wasn't  a bit selection of different foods. After this lady told me she was more than happy with it, I decided to have another look.

Well, things change quickly around here! Now you can order most kinds of fresh meat and all your vegetables and fruit together with all your other groceries! Fantastic! I decided to try it out straight away and put in an order.
I wasn't disappointed. They came to deliver within the two-hour slot I had picked and all the groceries were lovely and fresh, just like I had picked them myself. Hourray!

Their prices are very competitive, although some things can be found cheaper (but you have to remember in which supermarket you saw the specific thing at the best price!). I think ordering groceries like this will probably still save us money, as it prevents me from adding all that "other stuff" in the basket, that we actually don't need..!
I will test it out for a while and see.

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