Sunday, 5 February 2017

Return visitors

This week we had some return visitors, my cousin Johan and his wife Beatrice. They were last here for the F1 in 2015, when they did most of the Abu Dhabi sights. This time they merely stopped in for a few days, to beat the jet lag on their way back from a month long holiday in New Zealand.

Mind you, you can do a lot in four days! We had a few lunches out, both with and without the kids; started on Monday by taking them down to the Yas Marina:

Linnea got her hair professionally styled by Beatrice, who is a hairdresser. She sure did it a lot better than Mummy normally does..!

Tuesday morning I had organized for them to go on a desert walk together with the ladies from 'Out of the gym - Sand dune training'. I still have to try that out myself as unfortunately I couldn't join them this week.
Johan & Bea also came along to ride the track on Tuesday night of course! They are hugely into their cycling. They were very excited to try this out as they missed out on this experience last time. Since they were here during the F1 week, obviously the track wasn't open for the public then.

Johan borrowed the De Rosa and Bea took the mountain bike, and after riding for a few laps they also ran the circuit once! They got a solid workout for sure!

Wednesday they spent chillin' at the beach, and Thursday morning Bea came along to my Zumba class, while Nathan took Johan for a bike ride.

After the ride Johan got to try the Zwift (an online training program where you compete IRL with other cyclists) on the Tacx trainer. He went up the famous Box Hill in the UK. He managed to get in amongst the top 10 times for the day! Not bad!

Thursday night, after they had done a quick shopping trip to Yas Mall, they came along to the rugby training. One way of easing into going back to the subzero temperatures the following day as it's really chilly here now in the evenings. As you can see we were all wearing several layers, puffy jackets, UGG boots and scarves..! The UAE winter weather is no joke! And we love it!

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