Saturday, 25 February 2017

World Airline Cycling Challenge 2017 - Day 2

Wednesday was Day 2 of the World Airline Cycling Challenge, and it was a time trial held at the Al Wahtba Cycling track. Nathan rode with an Etihad team, and Bruce got a spot on the "International Team" together with a couple of riders from Etihad and one from Emirates.

They did the big lap around Al Wahtba, 30 km. It was a beautiful morning with near to perfect cycling conditions, no rain this time.

They finished the 2017 WACC at the Stills Bar Wednesday afternoon with a prize giving ceremony. Only Bruce and Nathan went on to that one (hence I have no further photos...), us girls hung back with the kids at home.
Paradise on earth for these boys, a big group of pilots gathered together - who all loves to ride bikes!

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