Saturday, 11 February 2017

International Day 2017 at Raha International School

Today was our third International Day at Raha school. This year I have compiled a small movie for you to experience my absolute favourite day of the school year, it's five minutes of peace and love!
I feel so, so, so grateful that the kids get to experience THIS. All these people from different countries, different cultures, different religions celebrating together.

International Day is the most fantastic day at school, this year there was around 45 different countries represented in the Global Village, and the stalls were as usual, ah-mazing. The appetizing smells of all the foods, the colourful displays, the dances, the costumes...

The Swedish stall was privileged to be sponsored by IKEA once again, so we served ginger thins and elderflower cordial to everybody who came by. We also had decided to do an activity this year, and had organised a 'Fiskdamm' (=fishing pond=game where you "fish" for a prize/treat). It was a great success, and all our 120 bags of sweets were fished out of the pond!

The soundtrack to our day, and this video, is a Swedish duo called Go Royal and their humorous song "Swedish Fika". Do try to listen to the lyrics: "Stop building walls, eat chocolate balls", "No time for war if you take a påtår", "Everytime you feel like hating someone, you should buy them a fika, you'll learn that we're all pretty lika" - beautiful Swedish poetry..!

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