Thursday, 9 February 2017

Linnea's Grade Five Science Fair

Linnea has had no homework all week, as the students have been expected to work only on their presentations for today's big happening - the Grade Five Science Fair.
All afternoon they were presenting, not just to the parents visiting, but to their peers, younger students of the PYP who came by to learn.

Linnea had teamed up with her good friend Daniella. They had investigated which of their different sized balloons would make the most hair stand up from your head when rubbed against it.

Their stall was very popular, although not so much for their exceptionally exciting scientific finds I must say... more because they gave everyone who guessed on the right balloon candy..! Ha ha!

I can't believe how time flies, it seemed like it was just last week we came to school for Lucas' Grade Five Science Fair... Slipping through my fingers...

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