Saturday, 17 March 2018

Time for brunch!

Mormor and Morfar really ended their stay this time on a high, going for a fancy Friday Brunch at the Fairmont in the afternoon before flying out that night.

It had a St Patricks Day theme this time, so the decorations and welcome drinks were all green.

So much delicious foooooooood...:

The only plate I remembered to photograph, the first one, ha ha! After that I got far too busy just enjoying the food - let's just say there were many more plates after this one!

Fancy looking red, green and black burger buns for the beef burgers:

Oysters and caviar...

 Now that's a buffalo mozzarella!

Apparently the smoked beef ribs were a huge winner. I didn't try them, I was already too full by the time I reached that station...

Just a few of the desserts...

We also tried some of the mocktails:

A great afternoon to end a great visit! So many lovely memories created!
Thank you for coming to see us! ❤️

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