Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Doing Dubai

You wouldn't think they are retired my parents, it has been all go-go-go since they got here! They love experiencing new things and are forever curious about this exciting place.
Even though we've been up there both times they've visited us before, Saturday it was time to go back to explore some new areas - in Dubai.
We started by visiting "my" goldman at the Gold & Diamond Park, and Mormor ordered some new pieces of jewellery:

We then went just next door to have lunch in the Dubai Garden Center. They have a gorgeous café with healthy, yummy food, you can sit outside in their green house; and I knew Mormor would like to have a stroll around the garden center afterward to have a look at what they sell here, in the desert:

Our next stop was the old(er) Dubai, and some places I hadn't been to before either. We started at the Dubai Museum:

Then we walked down to visit the souks, both the textile souk and also the spice souk and gold souk on the other side of the creek, so we got to enjoy the crossing by Abra boat, 1 AED per trip!

Last time I was in this area of town was many years ago, before we even lived in the UAE. It was during one of our visits at the Dehlis in Dubai, and only Linnea came along that time, Lucas and Malthe had chosen to stay at home. Lucas didn't come along this time either, as he was busy with drama practise for his play all afternoon.

A little necklace, anyone?

I managed to locate "The world's heaviest gold ring", total weight of 63,9 kg.

Gold souk groupie:


In the afternoon we took Mormor and Morfar to experience the craziness that is Global Village. Linnea has been wanting to come ever since I let slip they sold 'squishies' there, so we were on a mission to find some.

Linnea plowed through country stall after country stall in high speed until she finally found some squishies in the China display, then she was finally happy and content!

We had to make an ice cream break because it got a bit hot for us all before the sun finally decided to set. Baskin Robbins for the win, aaahhh!

On the way home we had to drive back past the Gold & Diamond Park to pick up the jewellery Mormor had ordered. Another very happy Monili customer!

We finished off our day by stopping at the 'Last Exit' on the way home for a quick dinner. We had burgers from Johnny Rockets, and maybe I was bias being super hungry, but they were the best burgers I had had in a while! Nam, nam!

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