Friday, 23 March 2018

Grateful 🙏

So far with my Apollo tours there have been quite a few upstart issues and since I'm the front person with the guests I am the one who has to solve every problem.
There has been everything from buses driving to the wrong hotel, being delayed and leaving guests behind at pickup, to routes being changed last minute and guests who don't understand Scandinavian so I have to guide in English too.
Sometimes I feel like I have to do many different jobs at once; apart from the guiding I also need to be the pickup planner, the secretary on the phone coordinating, translator (I did one tour in Danish, English AND Swedish) and also the GPS as the drivers often come from Dubai and can't find their way...
But I LOVE it.

I take huge pride in my job and go to great lengths to make sure each and every one of the guests have a fantastic day and come away with lovely memories of our amazing Abu Dhabi.
So it is truly lovely to receive feedback like this one below an email sent to the Apollo office, specifically about the Abu Dhabi City Tour:

(= "Hi, We have just come back from our fantastic holiday in Dubai. During our vacation we chose to participate in an excursion to Abu Dhabi and we can't not describe with words the amazing experience we got from your guide in Abu Dhabi, Boel Watson.
She is a guide who really put 100% into an unforgettable tour, she was so good at telling us about the cultural traditions and the history. On the tour there was also an elderly lady she looked after really well, and she guided in Swedish for the Swedes so they didn't feel left out.
Boel is full of initiative, sweet and caring.
We think she should get praise for the amazing job she does.")

Oh, how it makes me happy to read that my hard work pays off, and the guests had such a lovely day!

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