Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Spring Cooking Class

My German neighbour and friend (and also Thermomix-consultant) Karin and I went to Dubai yesterday for a Spring Cooking Class at the Thermomix HQ. Luckily their office is situated this end of Dubai in the Al Barsha area, so it only took us just about an hour to get there from ours.

It was really nice to see someone else use the Thermomix, and get introduced to a few new recipes; it started smelling really nice in the kitchen really fast and I got so hungry! The Thermomix ladies cooked up a storm, and showed us seven different recipes, and a crafty way of preparing Easter themed eggs.

My favourite was the bread with walnuts and blue cheese which surprisingly was really tasty; the roasted pepper dip which had a lovely sting to it - and the desserts, of course! Always!

A nice morning!

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