Tuesday, 13 March 2018

A once in a lifetime experience

Last Friday we were finally booked in for a re-do of our Helipad Sunset Supper event, which got canceled the very last minute back in December, due to high winds and rain.

We did end up having an absolutely fantastic evening then too for sure, but we have eagerly awaited the actual event (I had been on the waiting list since March last year!) and were really excited that the weather looked perfect last Friday afternoon.

We came early and had a quick drink, again, in the bar while we waited to ascend:

The event itself was absolutely amazing, I hardly have words to describe it all!

We were escorted in small groups behind the scenes of the hotel, got to take two different elevators and finally climb some steps to arrive at the rooftop helipad. The event is very exclusive, only 20 guests are welcomed on each occasion, only once a month during the winter months.
The St Regis Abu Dhabi helipad is the highest active helipad in the Middle East, at 255 meters up.

There was a saxophonist playing some soft jazz while we enjoyed all the treats and above all - the mesmerizing views, of course. We just couldn't get enough, and couldn't stop taking photos..!
Sorry, not sorry for the photo bomb to follow...:

We were met by the chefs, waiters, bartenders and other staff who were going to serve us during the event; we got treated to super luxurious canapés, both hot and cold, oysters and caviar and other delicacies together with drinks and champagne. Lush, lush, lush!

It was well worth waiting for a year for this experience, it was really, truly something special! I feel so lucky to have been able to experience this, I will take this evening with me as one of my favourite Abu Dhabi evenings for sure!

Me and my man on the top of the world. ♥︎

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