Thursday, 15 March 2018

Enjoying Abu Dhabi

After our visit to the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital we picked Linnea up from school (Lucas had to stay behind at rehearsals for his play all afternoon again), and went for lunch at a new place to me - Tashas in Al Bateen.

I had heard a lot of good about this place, but I must say, while the view and the atmosphere was really nice, the food was not that impressive. Ah well, now I've finally been.

After lunch I took Mormor and Morfar to one of my favourite exhibitions, the Qasr Al Hosn exhibition in the center of town. A nice little exhibition telling the story of how, when and why the Bani Yas tribe moved from the Liwa Oasis out here to the coast; and how the settlement grew and grew over the years, and finally became the metropolis Abu Dhabi is today.

One of the original doors of the Qasr Al Hosn, Abu Dhabis oldest building:

The most interesting part of the exhibit, the timeline from the 1940s until 2010s:

The Landmark skyscraper:

Since we still had a bit of time before we had to go back and pick up Lucas, we decided to go down to Mina Port and visit the Warehouse421 art exhibition hall:

There really is so much to see and do in Abu Dhabi, both well-known and listed sights. But if you go off the beaten track a bit you will find lots of hidden treasures and special and inspiring happenings and events. This sure is a cool place to live!

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