Tuesday, 13 March 2018

At the Zoo

On Friday morning, which was the only time this week when we ALL could do something together, we decided to do something we all would enjoy.
We have this smaller sized but really lovely Zoo not very far from where we live - The Emirates Park Zoo. Only Linnea and I have visited it before, three years ago now, when Nicole and Gemma was here. It turned out the Zoo had grown quite a bit since then!

Just like last time, we opted to help out to feed some of the animals. Not sure who had most fun, the kids... or Morfar!

The sheep and the goats were the most hungry!

The windows in the Wildlife Walk tunnel were either too low or too high for both Mormor and Linnea..!

Emirates Park Zoo really is a lovely zoo in just the right size for a few hours of fun. The animals are plentiful and seem happy and well taken care of. We all had a great morning!

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