Thursday, 15 September 2016


Since the visit to The Green Planet didn't take as long as we had anticipated, and we didn't want to just turn around and go back to Abu Dhabi straight after lunch; we googled for something else to go and explore in the area.
We went for the 'Challenge Chambers' at the Sunset Mall.

The 'Challenge Chambers' is a "real-life-escape-game", a mentally challenging role-play game. The kids got "trapped" inside a small room, and had to solve a bunch of clues and riddles, find hidden objects and connect missing links to find the right combination to get out again. There were many rooms to choose from, each room had a set theme and storyline. As none of them had tried it before, we chose the smallest/quickest room, which had a 30 minute time limit.

Pia and I sat outside and listened to the kids' efforts, which was rather entertaining. In the end they got to snooze their time an extra five minutes and received some helpful hints from the Challenge Master so that they were successful in escaping.
It seemed like a lot of fun, maybe we'll try it again soon for someones birthday..! :)

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