Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Marimekko Café

On our way to The Green Planet we passed another place we both had heard about before, through SWEA, the Marimekko Café. We decided to go back there for lunch after our visit to the rainforest.

Marimekko, the famous Finnish design house opened this Marimekko Café last year as the brands first café worldwide. It's placed as a great complement to the boutique just next door. The café, was boldly decorated with the well-known bright and colourful prints of the brand.

Some of us had an all-day breakfast, some sandwiches and others sausages and mash. The menu catered for all cravings. It also had some interesting beverages on the menu, like the orange blossom flavoured latte that I decided to try, accompanied by a tasty macaron. Mmm, delish!

We did have a quick look in the shop, but looking only today!

The Marimekko Café is situated in this brand new cool development called BoxPark. This stretch of retailers and eateries is put together with over 200 shipping containers to form a uniquely designed and super funky outdoor strip mall. So many more places to explore, both shops and restaurants, somewhere I'll go back for sure!

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