Friday, 16 September 2016

Our sofa has grown!

We (well... I...) have had this idea for a while, that we wanted to upgrade our sofa. I always felt like I was sitting in the movies or on parade, as the only way to sit was all four in a row facing the TV.
I wanted something a little bit more "conversational friendly" for those times where we would use the sofa for socializing and not just for watching TV.

I couldn't really find any photos of how it used to look other than this one below. It is from the very first months in the house, so it all looks rather bare still. Although, you can see the shape of the sofa at least:

We went to IKEA the other day during the school holiday, and got ourselves a corner unit to add on. (FYI it's a Kivik sofa). It turned out great, although it's become quite a monster! It's now humongous!

At least now we can easily fit two families in when we have visitors!!
Lucky the room is rather big. Even though the sofa is taking up a lot of space, it doesn't feel like it's taken over. It just feels like we have screened off the living room part a little bit more, and made a room in the room.

What do you think?


  1. Verkligen fint, och praktiskt! Eftersom det är en sektionssoffa kan ni ju dela på den om ni skulle vilja i framtiden.