Thursday, 8 September 2016


Nathan and I were both booked up yesterday, but had two very different appointments to look forward to. I was going to the hairdresse to sort out my neglected (and slightly green) summer hair. A rather enjoyable few hours, getting pretty whilst having a few lattes and some chit-chat.
Nathan on the other hand was off to the dentist, to remove one of his wisdom teeth. Ouch! It was well needed, check out this x-ray:

See the bottom left one? It was growing completely wonky against the other teeth. No wonder it had been causing him a lot of trouble and pain lately!
This is how it all came out after the dentist had been digging, prying and drilling into it for over an hour. Yes, that's all that ONE tooth:

Poor baby... For two days now he can't drink or eat anything hot, can't eat meat or anything else chewy, can't drink alcohol etc, but luckily the dentist prescribed ice cream so he can indulge in something yummy and slightly comforting!

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