Monday, 12 September 2016

A blast from the past

A while ago Nathan discovered that FD, one of his old uni mates, had started flying for Emirates. He went up to Dubai to catch up with him while I was in Scandinavia this summer, and this weekend we invited him and his family down here to stay with us for the night.
We met up and had lunch at Yas Mall, and as usual, our kids were a hit with the little ones. Here's Jacob getting into some gaming on Lucas' phone:

Nathan, Sam, Jono and FD used to get up to quite some mischief during their time at Massey. I have heard many stories, and some of them were even recounted by Sam during his Best Man speech at our wedding. Safe to say I was very excited to finally meet Andrew (FD).

We had a great time with FD, his wife Kat and their kids. Yummy, yummy steak that Nathan had brought back from J-burg and lots of old stories.

This was their first time visiting Abu Dhabi, and I think Jacob now associates it with us. The first thing he had said the following day when waking up was: "Can we go back to Abu Dhabi!".

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