Saturday, 3 September 2016

Rugby season kicks off

The rugby season started on Thursday evening. We are still in the hot season and when we drove to training just before 6pm, it was still just below 40 degrees... We had prepared by bringing lots and lots of water, and I told the kids to take it easy this first time.

Lucas found the fitness training part a bit tough but seemed quite happy to be back with his team mates.

The U12 Girls have a new coach this year, and he seemed to be really pepped to take over this big group. He had plenty of drills and exercises prepared and the training was very structured. There was at least 8 new girls already this first time, always nice with some new faces.
Here's a short clip:

Linnea seemed to really enjoy the training. I think it'll be a good season for the U12 Girls team!

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