Saturday, 23 April 2016

Best day in a long time

Today we got a taste of the good life here in Abu Dhabi! We spent a day on the sea, invited by our German neighbours to do a trip with their boat, out to a beach not far from downtown Abu Dhabi. This was the first time for us seeing that part of Abu Dhabi, the Corniche, the Emirates Palace and the coast line, from the water - gorgeous!

They have their boat down in the Emirates Palace Marina, beautiful, beautiful place to set off from.

Obviously we got a good look of the Emirates Palace, here with the Etihad Towers in the background. (All familiar views for fans of the 'Fast and Furious'- franchise, these buildings featured in the latest movie.)

Emma the boat dog:

Kids had a fab time together with Leni:

Look at the colour of that water...!

We set up camp on the beach, had picnic and enjoyed the sun, sea, sand and the breeze:

Gazelles roam free on this piece of land. This picture is not very good, but they are there, in the far..:

It was easier to spot their footprints!

Karin, Emma and I, and Holger driving the boat:

Beautiful views of Abu Dhabi:

The beautiful Presidential Palace:

I feel like I've been on holiday, for a day! Such a great day, just what was needed to recharge the batteries for another week, and to fight off the spring blues for a little while longer. Aaahhh!

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