Saturday, 9 April 2016

Hanging out

As our cousins are leaving Scotland in the summer, the main purpose with our visit this time was really just to hang out and enjoy each other's company. The kids wanted to do all the things that we normally do, when we have been there before.

Things like playing games, both good old board games like 'Risk', and gaming on the Xbox...

 ... and the iPads...

 ... and the newest addiction of the whole family - 'Words With Friends'!

Enjoying fabulous meals all together in the kitchen:

Going for walks down by the beach. Yes it was cold, but it was still spring, and spring means it's time for ice cream!

One rainy afternoon the kids, Kieran and I went to the movies. There wasn't room for all of us in the car so Linnea and I went on a bus adventure!
The big kids saw "Batman vs Superman", and Linnea and I watched "Zootropolis".

Of course we also did some shopping, although this trip was mostly about essentials. Like school shoes. (He is only one size below mine now!)

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