Thursday, 21 April 2016

Visiting school

Lucas' science teacher had asked in class before Spring Break if any of the parents working as pilots would be interested in coming into school, and talk a little bit to the class about the unit they are working with at the moment, space.
Nathan offered and today he got all dressed up (on Lucas' request) and went in to do a little presentation he had prepared, all about flight, lift, Benoulli's Principle etc. Basically all about why planes stay in the air.
Obviously, during the Q&A session, it all started to center a bit more around "Life as an airline pilot" and he got to answer a bunch of questions from a very interested class.

He also managed to clarify to the students who did the first powered flight in March 1903 - Richard Pearse, from... ta-da... New Zealand! (Yes, that was nine months before the Wright brothers who usually gets that credit.)

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