Friday, 29 April 2016

Another week gone

Another week has come and gone. Life rolls on. This week was a "normal" week, nothing out of the normal routine happened. Nathan worked, kids went to school, I had a few Zumba classes; those kind of things.

Nathan and I finally got on with sorting things in our bedroom this week. We both have not been sleeping well at all lately, so we went to IKEA to get a new, softer mattress pad; AND we also got a new chest of drawers, for all the things we (well, Nathan mostly) store up there.
Initially we had bookshelves, but I couldn't stand looking at all the mess all the time, so now we have a chest of drawers. Not only does it swallow more stuff, it also looks a lot neater. It was a big one though, so it was a bit of a marriage tester to put it together, it took us a whole morning! Lots of boxes!

Continuing in the spirit of tidying up, I decided to go through all our wardrobes and cull through ALL our clothes, sort out anything that is not being used, or not in the right size anymore. Especially Linnea seems to have changed size lately, all of a sudden NONE of her shorts fit (must have all been bought around the same time and in the same size). I was really thorough so my sorting out generated a lot of bags. Some will go to friends and some will be donated. Feels so good.

A new thing this week was me going to... the GYM! Yes, really!
Etihad has their own gyms in a few different places in Abu Dhabi, and one of them is in Etihad Plaza, just 5 minutes away. Employees and spouses can use them, for free! I've been before, only a few times, but not for a while. Now I'm on a new mission, going to try and keep a good exercise routine up all the way until the end of term. This week I went three times so I'm feeling good!

Lucas had a friend over for a sleepover, and Nathan took them to the Adventure HQ in Yas Mall last night while Linnea and I went to the movies to see the Jungle Book:

Today the sorting out and tidying up continued. Linnea and I attacked her room which was in dire need of a clean-up. This is when we had got about half-way, and started to loose speed a bit...:

We have decided to move her furniture around to change it up a bit, but we didn't manage to finish it all today so watch this space!

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