Friday, 22 April 2016

Birthday fun at the Splash Park

Yesterday we were invited to come celebrate the 5th birthday of our favourite twins, at the Khalifa Splash Park. What a great place! I didn't even know it existed, only a few blocks from us - big open spaces, a playground, a splash area, a sports court and big lawns.

Mind you, our kids might be slightly too old for this type of playground to go there and spend an afternoon on their own; but together with a bunch of other kids, like yesterday - perfect!

Actually, for being end of April, the temperatures in the afternoon some days are still rather enjoyable. We had a lovely time, kids playing in the playground and participating in party games on the grass, eating pizza and devouring birthday cake.

Look at this amazing Peppa Pig cake, complete with ferris wheel and all!
Happy Birthday little ones!

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