Saturday, 30 April 2016

Walpurgis 2016

Pia and I realized a while ago, that it had been forever since we had done a Dubai Day - just us, no kids, no husbands, no plans, no stress. Aaaahhh, lovely - and did we have a fantastic day!

We started at the Gold & Diamond Park, surprise, surprise. Pia was picking up a certificate for a friend, we got our rings polished, and I wanted to have a look at a few pieces I had been eyeing up on Pinterest. I ended up scratching some off the wish list, determine a firm favourite as "what I'm getting next" - and also get a little something, that had been on the wish list for a while.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Dubai Garden Center. They have a really lovely café there, with nice healthy food. We've been there before and it's quite a favourite:

We then went to Mirdif City Center, another favourite, my favourite mall in Dubai. It has all my best shops, and some! We managed to cover it all, shop a few essentials and have a well needed coffee break at Cinnabon, even though we only had a few hours.

In the late afternoon we went out to the Swedish Church to take part in their Walpurgis Celebrations.

This last day of April spells Walpurgis Eve, or Valborg, in Sweden. Spring is traditionally greeted with songs and bonfires at public gatherings all over the country.
Even here in the UAE we celebrated with a bonfire (in the 35+ degrees still at 6pm!) - and a small choir singing the traditional songs!

Lighting the bonfire:

Quite a few Swedes had gathered to celebrate, of course there was also Swedish 'fika', with yummy pastries; and different activities for the kids.
A rather lovely end to a great day, although I always get a bit sentimental on occasions like this. Singing along to "Vintern Rasat..." was no exception!

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