Sunday, 29 August 2021

Back in black

So, we are back.
In the sandpit.
Back to the normal 50 shades of beige outside. But also back to black, on the inside.

I am back feeling very grateful that the traveling went all smoothly this year (compared to last). Even with the last minute new ICA-application we had to do which came into play the same day we traveled.
I am grateful I managed to keep (most of) the worries away during the summer and didn't waste much time or energy thinking about things out of my control.
I am above all grateful for the summer we had this year, with many more excursions, adventures and happenings than last year; for all the family and friends, the reconnecting - it was absolutely fantastic!

Which makes it that much more hard to be back. Back inside for the next 5-6 weeks or so, back to face masks as soon as we leave the house, back to a huge amount of new restrictions, restrictions which change with a minutes notice; and which doesn't always make sense - can we please have house guests other than family soon?! Back to another year of... - waiting for better times?

I'm glad I have signed up for another three UNI courses this fall. At least I'll have something to occupy myself with, somehow I don't think there will be much tourists coming this season either. I miss work so so so much.
So, back to black. At least for a while before I get back into the swing of things, hopefully perk up and make the most of this beige sandpit life.

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