Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Our Covid-birthday

So today it was Lucas' and my turn to celebrate a Covid-birthday. Hopefully this was also the last Covid-birthday in this house, by the time Linnea's birthday rolls around again in October, I do hope the worst is well and truly behind us.
Although, to be honest, giving that today was a normal day, our celebrations didn't look much different to any other year, with the difference that Lucas' friends didn't get to wish him happy birthday in person in school.

We started the day by waking Lucas up...

... then me!


Lucas got some sports clothes for padel, some nice smellies and fresh underwear; and Linnea had got him some cool LED lights for his room. He also has the new PS5 coming, as soon as we can get our hands on one!
I got G&T glasses and a tray that goes across the bath tub to keep the iPad (and the wine glass!) on, bath bombs and a bath pillow!

Linnea had gone through a huge effort to decorate the house, so there was tons of balloons, and pancakes for breakfast!

I went to padel, and coffee, with a few friends:

We had roti for lunch upon Lucas' request; and lunch was topped with some more 'semla'!

The afternoon was spent with free play, I answered all the messages I had received on text and FB etc. Then we went for an all-you-can-eat-sushi-night at Tokyo Grill at the Venetian Village for dinner.

We got sung for too, to Lucas... big joy, not. He he!


Spectacular views of the Maqta Creek from there, although we had to ask for the heater half-way through our dinner as it got a bit chilly..!

All in all couldn't have asked for more, a really lovely birthday!

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