Saturday, 16 January 2021

Corona Diary, Day 311-317

Day 311, Sunday 10 January
Padel coaching this morning, although I wasn't playing well at all today. I wish I could say I have the technique down, but I still have to think so much about how to hit some shots, that I miss other easy balls. Ah well, Coach Javier insists we are good enough now to participate in the tournaments... ehm, not sure about that.
Home and work a bit more on the exam, then off to Hudayriyat this afternoon to go for a walk with Susanne, and enjoy a lovely coffee in the sunshine by the beach. Have I said lately how much I love winter in the UAE?

Came home to spaghetti bolognese for dinner, lucky me!

Day 312, Monday 11 January
This morning it was time for the yearly renewal exam for my Louvre Abu Dhabi license. Intense, but now it's done! I had to wear my SOCKS inside today, it's winter and so cold on the floor, but actually quite nice to feel a bit of a chill, cosy! So it's been a home day, in socks!

Linnea cooked us dinner today, chicken tortilla wraps.

Day 313, Tuesday 12 January
Exercise in the morning, so that I would be able to take the kids - again - for their back-to-school PCR-tests in the afternoon. This time our school were scheduled to go to another center without drive-through, so we weren't sure how long the queues were going to be. Turned out it was super well organised and we were in and out in less than 10 minutes. Kids are certainly getting a routine of these tests by now.

The family had pork ribs for dinner and I met with Sara, Jennifer and Linda for dinner on a night out.

Day 314, Wednesday 13 January
Morning exercise again, always good to get it done first thing. The rest of the day was spent studying and reading, huddled up in our hoodies and sweatpants. Comfort food for dinner these days since it's so cold, today chicken noodle soup.

Day 315, Thursday 14 January
Another blank day in my calendar. Nathan is still resting his foot so he's not up to much either.
Last day in school for this e-learning week, hoping that it was indeed the last e-learning week as school is supposed to resume face-to-face for all students on Sunday. Oh, I can't wait...
Tomato soup for dinner.

Day 316, Friday 15 January
Lucas had organised to play volleyball today with some friends from school, as part of his CAS. I drove him there and took the opportunity to go for a walk in new surroundings while he was sporting, instead of  driving back in between it was time to pick him up again. Nice weather to be walking outside, even at 12 noon. Love winter here.
Since I sent in my Uni-exam on 'Portraiture' a few days early I was so lucky as to get the results back already today - passed! Although I missed 'distinction' with only 1p, so a tiny bit disappointed, but still - passed! Next unit 'Landscape' starts on Monday, plus a short course called 'Material Culture in Museums' that I'm going to study parallel to my Art History course for the first part of the term. Double the study, double the fun - bring it!
Chicken sausages and roast veggies for dinner.

Day 317, Saturday 16 January
So we had set the alarm an hour earlier, the uniforms had been ironed, extra masks were packed and lunchboxes planned. It was supposed to be the grand return to school tomorrow. PCR-tests were taken (again), and we were all ready. Only to take another big blow today in the form of last-minute changes and the extremely disappointing news that schools all over the country have to continue with e-learning for another THREE WEEKS. And this whilst EVERYTHING else is open in the emirate, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! Huge events are happening, sports competitions and massive expos are going ahead... but school, nooo.
I was on the treadmill when the news hit, and I just couldn't get off it. I just kept walking and walking for nearly two hours... didn't see the point anymore in anything. An absolute rock bottom day.
These poor poor kids. This is so absurd and upsetting that I find no more words.

Linnea and I went to get groceries and Nathan and Lucas cooked dinner. Pork fillet, rice and homemade bearnaise sauce for dinner.

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