Monday, 4 January 2021

1558 km

Yes, the school holidays are over for the kids, but for me there is honestly no big difference in the rhythm of daily life. Every day is pretty much the same, as it has been for the last many, many... many months now... I basically only leave the house these days to go play padel, other than that we try to do most of our shopping online, both for groceries and other things, and many days I don't even go outside at all.

My exercise streak is very much alive though, I'm "closing the rings" every day; usually by walking on the treadmill (such a good buy!) while watching Swedish TV. On Saturdays I get to watch the 'På Spåret'-show which aired the night before in Sweden:

Out of curiosity I tallied up all the kilometers I walked last year, both inside and outside but yes, mostly on the treadmill. I managed to walk 1558 km in 2020! To my surprise when I was looking for something that distance, I realised that the length of Sweden is 1574 km!!! Argh, had I known I would've pushed for those last few kilometers..! But close though! Next year I'll go the whole way!

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