Saturday, 9 January 2021

Ten months later

Late Thursday evening I got a call from the Louvre Abu Dhabi for a last minute tour Friday morning, and being the kind of "jump-into-the-deep"-person that I am - of course I said yes. For obvious reasons, my last tour was over ten (!) months ago, so I did get a little bit nervous, but also so so excited!

It was the best feeling ever Friday morning to get to suit up, put on some make-up and dress nicely for WORK, and I made sure I got to the museum first thing. I wanted to have time for a quick walk about to double-check if anything had changed since last time I was there.
New glittery socks for the occasion!

The tour was a VIP tour with one guest who was really lovely, and it went really well!
Of course I had gone through all my notes the night before in preparation, but I still was amazed at how much information was retained in my head once I started looking for it! Sometimes when I don't "use" certain information, I feel like it fades away.

It was SO much fun to get to conduct a tour again, to see some colleagues, to be with the guests (with distance of course), to present the museum narrative, to educate and discuss, and tell the stories of the artwork. I had missed it so, so much.

Can you envisage that big smile behind the mask?
Oh how I LOVE this job!

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