Monday, 6 May 2019

On a roll

On Saturday it was time for another guided visit in Swedish, at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. It was another group of SWEA ladies, and some husbands. I feel lucky this guided tour proved so popular with the SWEA crowd, and that so many wanted to come along and hear more about the LAD, even though they all live here and had been there before.

Every time feels really special still of course, being so green. This time I didn't feel the flow just as well as last time. It was almost like the more I study and learn, the harder it gets to boil it down and deliver just the right amount of information. It went well, and I got nice feedback; but I think I need to practice talking less with my hands... oh dear, never a good look!

Next week I have my first tour in English in the museum, but I am actually a little bit less nervous about that. I've done all the study in English, took the course in English, and all my books and notes are in English, so should be easier. Plus, it's with a group of normal tourists - which means once the tour is done, they are gone, ha ha!

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