Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Green, blue and yellow

I had the opportunity to take off a couple of days last week, up to Sweden to see my parents for a bit. It was only for the weekend, but I'm always amazed at how much you can squeeze in to just a few days and how much even a short break like this is refreshing, and needed! Especially during these long, hot, dusty and boring last few months before summer holidays.

I was lucky to get beautiful sunny days, and enjoyed all the spring flowers and greenery. Even the lilacs were in flower already.

We did a short excursion to Lidköping and had coffee down by the lake Vänern, at Skogshyddan.

And since I had lots of space in the suitcase, I brought back quite a lot of food. Mostly pork, pork and more pork...

... and Swedish candy, of course. There was a new 'Polly'-combo out, delicious!

I flew in via Stockholm, and out via Copenhagen. I really enjoyed my Sunday morning train ride back down to Denmark via the west coast. I just sat and looked out through the window and tried to fuel up and absorb as much as I could of all the green, blue and yellow (rapeseed fields)... so pretty!

Both flights were good flights, but the return flight was almost empty which made for a really relaxing and comfortable trip.

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