Friday, 10 May 2019

Last work?

So, this week might have been the last work for the season. Not only are we now in May, so the cruise ship season has ended, but it is also getting hotter and hotter by the day; and we have entered into Ramadan so things are very quiet here in the sandpit.

I still had two jobs this past week, which was really nice. Well the first wasn't actually "work-work" as such, as it was more of a networking thing, but related I guess.
Tuesday night I participated at a Sundowner at the Ambassador's residence, hosted by the Swedish Business Council and SAAB. I was invited to hold a short presentation about the new cultural attractions here in Abu Dhabi, Qasr Al Hosn and Qasr Al Watan.

Of course I couldn't let an opportunity like this pass me by, so I also told them all about my new venture, being an External Guide at the Louvre Abu Dhabi; and about why they should go back again and again to this museum, even if they have been several times; because that's how amazing it is!

And the very next morning nerves were tense again, as I was doing my very first English-speaking tour in said museum! I had a small group of 12 coming from Dubai on a city tour, and as they were short on time they had opted for a guided visit through the museum to make sure they covered it all.
Although I must say, getting them through in an hour (they arrived very delayed and had a hefty program in the afternoon too), was quite a challenge for this newly baked museum-guide!

We made it in 1h10 minutes, but of course the visit got very compressed! Although I do think I managed to stick to the narrative and convey the message of the museum quite well. They seemed very happy when I left them in the gift shop anyway.

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