Friday, 13 January 2017

Sunset at the Dubai Water Canal

Another brand new attraction finally opened in Dubai in November last year, the Dubai Water Canal. We had been recommended by my friend Linda to take the evening ferry, from the Al Jaddaf Marine Station to the Sheikh Zayed Road station. So we left the car at the mall and took a taxi down to the starting point.

The ferry departed at 5.30 pm and sunset came really quickly. Erika thought it was a shame, but I kind of like the evening lights and the skyline all lit up.

The Dubai canal is 3,2 km long and it winds its way to the Arabian Gulf from the Creek in Old Dubai, through Business Bay.
This new path have effectively turned a significant part of Dubai into an island!

One of the more spectacular features along the canal is the mechanical waterfall cascading off the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge. The water only flows in the evening, and it's motion operated, which means that it "opens like a curtain" each time a boat passes.

We got off the RTA ferry here and took a stroll along the walkway. Like everybody else we stopped for a few selfies in front of the purple waterfall, and we discovered, that if you would be out of battery - the lampposts have USB charging stations in them, so you can charge your phone for all those snaps!

Our cruise took about 1,5 hour and it was really enjoyable to sail along the creek. Great value for money and a fantastic views of the skyline and Burj Khalifa.
The waterfall was amazing!

There are five pedestrian bridges available here, allowing visitors to cross and take in the stunning views. One of the bridges on the Canal is inspired by the Golden Gate bridge of San Fransisco. It's the blue bridge far far away in this photo, the one with the blue arc.

Here is a small clip of how the water stops, when a boat approaches:

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