Saturday, 21 January 2017

Birthday evening

In the evening it was my turn to celebrate our day. We decided to brave it and leave the boys home alone for the first time (...) so that we could go out for a fancy dinner.
In the three years we have been here, we have mostly just been out to eat in the evenings in more cheap and cheerful eateries, and usually with the kids... so it was certainly about time we tried some fine dining!

Our friends Bill and Cath joined us, and we started the evening at "The Hidden Bar" at the Rosewood. Turns out it wasn't that hidden at all, at least not now during the evening. Still it was nearly empty which proved to be a real shame, as the cocktails were absolutely sublime. The bartender mixed and served them with so much feeling, and they tasted really delicious.

After a few gin drinks in the bar, we went to the Chinese restaurant. Mmm, lovely dinner... dumplings, duck, pork belly, Chilean wine... mmm!

We decided to end the evening by trying out a place I had heard about, in the Etihad Towers, the Ray's Bar. Turned out it was pretty quiet there too, but at least the DJ was playing some "old farts music" that suited us really well, and the cocktails weren't too shabby there either!

And the views from the 62nd floor at night... Gotta love the night lights! Happy Birthday to me!

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