Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy New 2017!

Here we are, ready to see in the new year!

This year we celebrated together with our good German friends in the compound, and a couple of their friends too. We decided to have the dinner at their place, since they didn't think their little one was going to last until midnight so easier for her to go to bed if we were at theirs.

Strawberry Margaritas coming up in Karin's wonder machine, the Thermomix. I like it!

Linnea and Leni:

We had meat fondue, a tradition from my childhood that I have chosen to bring along into my own family. Although after how our fondue dinner ended two years ago, Nathan was not convinced we should try it again...
Anyway, a new pot and the proper kind of fuel/heat element - and, success!

 My beautiful unicorn, looking very serious:

After dinner we passed time until midnight with some games. So many laughs, ha ha, I love board games! We played Heads Up, some kind of TP game and Pictionary.

I present to you, the winning drawing for "Adam and Eve":

For midnight we hurried up to their balcony to try and see some of the fireworks that were set off from the Coldplay concert at Yas Island. We ended up having quite a good view!

Happy New Year!

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