Saturday, 21 January 2017

Birthday morning!

Our birthday started like all birthdays do in our house, with singing and presents in bed. I was actually so lucky as to be woken up first, for the first time!

I got some nice gifts (off my wish list, gotta make it easy for them!), a new strap for my Apple Watch, a backpack I eyed up traveling through Melbourne and regretted I didn't get and - binoculars! (Have always wanted some!)

Then it was Lucas turn to play possum before he got to open his presents.

He was also a lucky boy, he got a couple of Xbox games, some money, a Magnus Chase book and a new Chiefs jersey...

... a specific pair of Adidas shoes that he had eyed up...

... and the big gift - a road bike!

Although it came in pieces, ha ha!! Part of the gift is going to be to learn how to put it all together!

Pancake breakfast by the flags, oh yes, we are all for traditions!

So we now have a teenager in the house! Can you believe it?! How did that happen??

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