Friday, 31 October 2014

Our first Abu Dhabi Halloween

So no, Halloween wasn't really a surprise, duh, it kind of comes along the same date every year. But I feel like it just came around so quickly this year, as we've just been away. I smacked up our decorations very last minute (this morning!) to at least get a little bit of Halloween feeling!

We had purposely bought some candy, and we had decorated outside and kept our outdoor light on (common "ok-signal" around here apparently), but to our big disappointment nobody came to trick-or-treat us at all.

I feel like a really bad Mum, as I hadn't really organized any costumes for the kids, nor anywhere to go trick-or-treating... Linnea was keen, of course - always when it's candy involved! Lucas didn't mind not going anywhere. I think the combination of getting older (he backed out already last year) and him still being on (and being seriously tired of) the crutches put him off.

Instead Linnea and I spent some time this afternoon making a Halloween cake, with ghost meringues! How cute?

Then we took our ghost cake and went to some friends in Al Reef this evening, who had invited us over for a BBQ. Lucky us!

Even though we didn't go trick-or-treating, we got our fair share of Halloween candy; a few knocks on the door from spooky visitors while we were there - and yummy dinner, with ghost cake! Not a bad Halloween at all!

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