Thursday, 30 October 2014

Return, reunion and celebration

Linnea lost her favourite Pooh-bear teddy that she's had since she was a baby, after a trip to Dubai back in March/April. He went missing together with a plastic bag with Nathans uniform, so we suspected Pooh had been showed into the bag, and that we had thrown it out with the rubbish by mistake...

When checking in for our return flight from Rome yesterday, Nathan could feel that there was something in the front pocket of his roller bag, and - guess if we were all happy when we discovered it was POOH! Yay!

It was fab that the flight departed just before lunch. No need to get up earlier than normal, no need to rush to the airport. No need to sleep on the plane. Instead we all watched movies and enjoyed the inflight service, a bunch of lovely food (and wine!) up the front. Great trip.

It was also a celebration trip, as it was Lucas' 200th flight!
Can you believe it!? He's only 10!

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  1. Många flighter! Jag har inte koll på hur många gånger vi flyger och far, men tror inte det är så många.