Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Work space upgrade

I got a new rug for my "office" the other day. I really like the pattern and the muted colour, which goes well with the black, white and beige. The rug helps divide the office into it's own "room", within our bigger living area.  

I also improved another part of my office, the desk space. Do you see any gadgets, hard drives, charging docks etc that normally lives on a desk? No you don't! I didn't like having to look at them, so I got a cheap box, cut out a big hole in the back of it for the cables to run through and hid them away. Smart huh!

Finally I have got a new addition to my picture ledge. We all got some lovely Egyptian gifts from our Bruneian friends on the weekend. Amongst other things, these two black statues. They look really nice here on the shelf.

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