Thursday, 30 October 2014

Rome 2014 Day 7

Our last day, and another big one. We had "booked" Carin to take us around Ancient Rome, the Forum Romanum and the Colosseum.
We had decided to meet early to avoid the crowds, but again Lucas in his wheelchair proved really useful - didn't need to queue at all! Ok, prepare for photo bomb. I just couldn't choose.

 We started at Forum Romanum by the Arch of Titus:

Carin wanted to try to use her iPad a bit during her guiding us. It's something many guides do nowadays, and of course especially here in Rome, having pictures of before and after is really a help. Often it got a bit hard to see in the sun though, and we all rather just listened to what she had to tell.

I got serious flashbacks from my high school trip to Rome. This was my Latin professors favourite spot in Forum Romanum, the Castor and Pollux Temple.

The excavations never stop in Rome. This marble floor was actually discovered not so long ago, and we stood a while and watched while they were working at this site.

Then we walked inside the Colosseum. Before going into the arena, Carin gave us a bit of an introduction. She normally guides in Swedish, but this time she had to do it in English obviously, and she did an excellent job. Hopefully this gave her the confidence to take on more English groups from now on. (If you want your own Swedish guide (she also can guide in English, French and Italian if needed!) while in Rome, please check out her home page here!)

Linnea had bought a new book about Rome earlier on the holiday. It shows pictures of many famous sights in Rome, before and after. We used it a lot to compare how this arena used to look like to how it looks now.

The steep stairs:

My gorgeous family:

After the morning visit, and another pasta lunch together with Carin - she left us to go pick up her children from school. We decided to go back to that "150 different kind of gelato"-place for our last ice cream experience for this trip. Feasted on three scoops each this time!

In the evening we felt that we had had enough of pizza and pasta, so we rebelled and went to a steak house for dinner. And that concluded our holiday for this time!

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