Friday, 30 January 2015

All your home cooking needs

This week thanks to a special offer we have tried something new, the service 'DinnerTime'. DinnerTime gives you a box of fresh ingredients and cooking instructions for 4 meals for four persons, all delivered to your doorstep. Each week there is a new set menu including one meat dish, one chicken dish, one fish dish and one vegetarian, pasta our soup dish.

For my Swedish readers, you probably know this concept already as there are many different variations of this idea in Sweden, 'Linas Matkasse' probably being the most popular one. This UAE version - DinnerTime - was actually founded by three Swedish women!

So what was the verdict?
Well, firstly I'm glad we had the 50% off because I think it's rather expensive. The normal price is Dhs 420, for a box with four dinners for four people. (To compare, the 'Linas Matkasse' cost the equivalent of Dhs 250 - for FIVE dinners for four people.) I know groceries are expensive here in the UAE, because everything is imported, but still.

The price aside, it was GREAT! All the dinners were easy to prepare, even for me. It was really fun to cook some new dishes and try some new tastes. Each dinner was well received by everyone in the family, some more than others, but all still finished. We had Moroccan Meatball Soup, Penne Pasta Pesto with chicken and Fish Tacos. (We still have to cook the tofu dish, which I'm actually a bit hesitant about myself...)

It was so nice not to have the stress of planning a menu, which is actually the hardest part of cooking for me. I liked getting everything I needed for the week delivered in one go. I just had to go do a quick shop during the week to get breakfast food and stuff for the lunchboxes for the kids.
The recipes made big portions too, so Nathan and I had for a couple of lunches as well, and I liked that there is no waste, everything gets used.

We will probably still get it again, every once in a while, on particularly crazy booked up weeks when all of us are home. It'll be good to learn how to cook a few new easy, tasty meals to add to our usual rolling menu.

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