Friday, 16 January 2015

Sweden vs Ivory Coast

I'm not sure that the first thing Mormor and Morfar wanted to do when they came to Abu Dhabi, was to go to a Swedish football game... But, that's what we did last night!

Sweden is on a tour, and last night they met Ivory Coast in a friendly game, here in Abu Dhabi. They played at the same place we have our rugby training, so we went for dinner after training, and then back to the stadium, to support Sweden.

They said they had sold over 300 tickets... but I don't think we were more than 200 people in the stadium, if even that. Sweden was represented with a small but solid supporter group, quite a few in blue and yellow, and a lot of loud cheering going on! (Even if Linnea decided to sit on her own..!)

The things we do here in Abu Dhabi, that we would probably never do at home, ha ha!
Lucas was on fire cheering loudly from his seat and booing when there was a bad decision from the umpire. We were all being good supporters, in our yellow shirts!

To begin with it was a rather boring game. Ivory Coast had come with quite a few of their stars, as they are off to the African Championships after the weekend. They were apparently expected to win, as Sweden came with the "B-Team", with many newbies in the team at this match.
Sweden defended well, but didn't do any offensive play in the first half, and Linnea finally gave up a few minutes into the second half (the match only started at 9.30 pm local time, so it was late for us):

But Mormor, at her first football game - gave it her all when Sweden finally scored, not just once, but twice in the second half! Yay! Beautiful goals it was too.

 End result, an unexpected Sweden 2 - Ivory Coast 0.

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  1. Love your supporting gear! Flags and viking helmets and all :-) Heia Sverige!